[ILUG-BOM] Home network (connecting 2 pc's)

Sameer Niphadkar spniphadkar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jan 14 19:53:21 IST 2005


On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 Ninad wrote :
>      Recently I bought a new motherboard and assembled a PC.
>The config is Intel P4 2.4ghz D845GVSR 256mb RAM,on board sound card,Dlink
>external modem.
 Thats cool 
>I used the HDD and cd rom drive of my old pc (a branded IBM PC) for the new
>I am duall booting Win XP and Slack 9.1 ( i am
I'm sorry for not getting this one, you mean you have a dual booting system on the new PC right ? 
>Now I have this pc as a spare PC for which I bought a HDD(40 gb) and also got
>a crossover cable.
The old one...isn't it ?
>This Pc has a config of Celeron 500mhz 64mRAM 40gb HDD no CDrom No floppy
>I want to connect these two PC's
>My questions
>1.Can I make this old PC a linux only box (dual/triple boot Linux only) and
>connect to my dual boot new PC. this means that my primary partition should be
>linux native.
yes you can do that by a serial link
>2.If (1) is possible then how do I load linux in this PC which has no Cd
>rom/floppy drive.
You may kickstart your Linux Installation by configuring your 1st machine as a NFS server and make the directories from the installation CDs available to the client (old machine) in the /etc/exports. If you do not have the floppy drive on the client you mave have to copy and mount the boot image as well from the server. That would be a little  off the way.
>3.Which distro will be suitable as a primary distro. (i do not have problem if
>there is no GUI am comfortable with CLI)
Any Debian based GNU/Linux 
>4.Alternately I can create a Fat32 partition and load may be Win 98SE
Why do you want to do that when you have plenty of Free OS at your disposal ? 
>Any replies would be appreciated

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