[ILUG-BOM] Database

Amol Hatwar amol@hatwar.org
Fri Apr 29 10:45:04 IST 2005

> >please dont send me confidential mail - i cant be trusted
> HaHa.. Very funny K.G.
> It's very convenient to use my office account.
> what's the point you are trying to make, if at all there is one.

Keith, the problem is simply this:

Unlike your office which provides you with an email address and a decent
Internet connection, many people on this list have to pay for access,
sometimes there is a price attached per MB download/upload.

While I most certainly agree that the "noise" in your mail doesn't addup to
much costs to the end-user, but it does add up to a unnecessary but easily
avoidable load on the ILUG-BOM server.

Also, the noise in your mail ceases to have any meaning when you send emails
to your list. It is equivalent to publicly publishing information and then
screaming it's confidential. You tell me, where's the meaning in this.



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