[ILUG-BOM] Fwd: Sharing monitor, keyboard and mouse between 2 pc's

Pillai, Gishu R (GE Energy) gishu.pillai@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Apr 25 16:31:40 IST 2005

>I have connected these 2 with a crossover cable.
>However I have only one monitor/keyboard and mouse.

>Is there a way by which I can access the desktop of O and issue
>commands from N with the help of software.i.e I log in to FC3 on N and
>access the Ubuntu desktop of  O and say issue commands run
>applications on O

I have this working except that it is linked via Win. (+ I have a switch)
I use Netmeeting to do whatever you said above. Dunno what is the counterpart in the Linux world ? 
I googled a bit and it seems that you can even turn on a Linux box for another m/c to netmeet... groovy. But it looks easier said than done


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