[ILUG-BOM] problem: running exe file on RH Linux

Abhishek Daga abhishekdaga@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Apr 25 20:46:54 IST 2005

--- prasad ubhare <raau25 at gmail.com> wrote:
> how to run exe file on red hat linux?
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Always give as specific a subject line as possible. a generic heading such as
"problem" or "hello" will discourage users from responding to you.

exe files are not executable on Linux distros under default conditions (some

You will need to run them using WINE (http://www.winehq.org) or CrossOverOffice.
This simulates the windows environment upto the extent of letting u run  lot of
executables. They may or may not run correctly. 
While Wine is free CrossOver is a paid product built around wine. 

Xandros 3.0 has CrossOver office bundled which otherwise is available for a 30
day evaluation version or a $40 download for the full version.

If you .exe requires only DOS to execute, then you can install DOSEMU which as
the name suggests is a dos emulator.

hope this helps. 

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