[ILUG-BOM] How to get the creation date of a file

Richard Chang richard@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Apr 27 17:08:23 IST 2005

"Vidyadutt S" <vidyadutt.s at ext.icicibank.com> wrote :

> Hello All
> Is there any way to retrieve the creation date of a file? The "ls -l"
> command shows date, but once the file is modified, the date shown is the
> modification date. Is it possible to get the creation date in any way?

Do  " ls -lu " to see the difference.

As for the disclaimer, I think all the mailing-list users are angry becoz of 
these disclaimers. I recommend you to post messages using some other mailbox 
or else ICICI Group will not spare you for sending it to all people in the 
list and these kind of disclaimers make no sense to mailing -list users 
apart from filling up their mailboxes with unnecessary disclaimers.



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