[ILUG-BOM] 1) Open Source Accounting Package 2) FreeBSD Forums

Navneet Karnani navneetkarnani@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Apr 27 20:15:11 IST 2005

On 4/23/05, Navneet Karnani <navneetkarnani at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Can someone post the link to the project in consideration here ? I know of 
> a company that has a VB.NET <http://vb.net/> solution and is willing to 
> outsource it. Its a working application and is being used today. Some things 
> may ned to be modified, but does that fit the bill here ? 

  Hey, sorry. Just realized that I should have said "open source" instead of 
 - Navneet

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