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Thu Apr 28 20:46:33 IST 2005

Sometime on Thu, Apr 28, 2005 at 05:35:51PM +0530, Keith Fernandez said:
> >please dont send me confidential mail - i cant be trusted
> HaHa.. Very funny K.G.
> It's very convenient to use my office account.
> what's the point you are trying to make, if at all there is one.

The point is, we cannot put your email (which contains your valuable
suggestions) for public viewing on our mailing list archives, since
your parent company claims its contents are private and confidential.

Your company's disclaimer states:

... Access to this mail by anyone else is unauthorized. Any copying or
further distribution beyond the original recipient is not intended and
may be unlawful...

We want our mailing list archives to be as useful to people as
possible. Archives are also backed up at many places. To avoid any
legal hassels, it would be better if you use any free webmail/shell
service providers. Or you may also ask your Mailserver admin to turn
off that disclaimer.

List Admin

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