[ILUG-BOM] VMWare for FC3 and FreeBSD on AMB Athlon XP

Dinesh Joshi dinesh_pro@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Apr 29 22:25:42 IST 2005

>From: Abhishek Daga <abhishekdaga at yahoo.com>
>I am having some space constraints so hows this for a solution.
>On an existing desktop (AMD athlon XP, 256 MB) running FC3, can I also 
>FreeBSD using VMWare and run both simultaneously?
>FC3 is needed as the routine desktop and FreeBSD for testing. The usage of
>freeBSD OS will be via ssh so dont care about the gui.
>Has this worked for anyone? RAM is not a problem, if needed can surely add 
>comments, tips, advice, warnings... all solicited.

Make sure you have atleast a gig of RAM. If you will be running two OSes 
simultaneously then your CPU will be strained quite a lot. What is the 
rating on the CPU? It should be ATLEAST 2800+ BTW the FC3 kernel has some 
bug which slows down the system to a crawl when you have 1G of RAM.


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