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Fri Apr 29 22:44:03 IST 2005

>From: "Richard Chang" <richard at hinditron.com>

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>Subject: Linux Application Server
>I have this small system which is a Linux All-in-one Server. It is called 
>the Ezynet server and is from Wipro. I doesnot have any port for connecting 
>the VDU or keyboard and the hard disk has crashed. I have misplaced the 
>CD's also. If any one has a copy of the restore CD's Pls let me know. I 
>would also like to know if I can load FC on this system ( provided that it 
>doesnot have any VDU or Keyboard and it's LAN card does not support PXE). 
>It has a PCI card which connects it to an LCD display card and it displays 
>the IP of the system.........."
>Can anyone help me in this regard. No reply from anyone till date

Run lspci -nvv as root (notice the n). Also, if would make your life easier 
if you stick in a Monitor and Keyboard.


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