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Sat Apr 30 10:20:02 IST 2005

On Friday 29 April 2005 22:36, Dinesh Joshi wrote:
> >From: Abhishek Daga <abhishekdaga at yahoo.com>
> >
> >even after all that, i fear the taiwanese will still kick our
> > butts big time.
> >they simply rock when it comes to churning out these things.
> Show some patriotism dude! 
> We can achieve a lot of things if we 
> just think positively. I have big hopes for Indian manufacturing
> sector. We already produce high quality goods 

You must be joking. The goods that we produce are actually at least 
6 to 10 yrs obsolete crap. Most of the manufacturers (including the 
Phoren ones) completely ignore the standards prevalent in their 
parent countries. Most of the products we export are due to e
nvironment advantages (basmati rice, mangoes, shrimp) which have 
ZERO tech inputs, clothes because cotton and hence upstream goods 
are made here with cheap labour, and highily customised products / 
services which require individual attention to get some performance. 
Nothing that we export is because of quality - imo exception being  
art (religion, music, dance etc).

> but we just need to 
> work on the pricing factor and we'll be all set :)

To have quality and cost effective manufacture we require massive 
infrastructure which would take atleast 20 yrs (and that is a very 
very charitable estimate) to reach the same level of say Japan 
today. We require total removal of government messing in business. 
We require total change in the political landscape (changing 
majority wins to proportional representation). Not to mention 
other baseline requirements like education, sanitation etc.
We are where we are because most of our infrastructure was built 
by the brits (for their own ulterior purposes) otherwise we are 
about as great as Ghana (organise your gang, raid a diamond mine, 
mine diamonds until the next gang fills u with lead) or Yemen 
(10 mile trek for water) 

yawn same old story yr after yr.


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