[ILUG-BOM] Accessing home PC from office (behind firewall)

Soumen Dass soumen_dass@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Apr 30 20:22:54 IST 2005

Abhishek Daga wrote:
> Ok, lets try to tackle this. 
> assumption:
> Your home machine is always ON and you know the ip address either direct or via
> dyndns or equivalent. 
Yes, we can presume that the IP Address is known.
> question
> who will shut your which account if you try to login 3 times where?
Actually the account is my Windows NT Domain account. The same account 
is used by Windows proxy for authentication before allowing internet 
access. The account gets locked (i.e. no mail access using Exchange 
server/no surfing) if the password in entered wrongly thrice in the 
authentication dialog box in the browser. (But in retrospect this 
doesn't seem  related to my home access problem).
> Possibility:
> Can you setup a VPN at home? i.e. the server is home and you install/configure a
> client at work? would that work?
> not that you would break any rules, but you could.
Can VPN work through/over this Windows proxy server? If yes, then I 
would have to start reading the linux+VPN howto
I would have to try it find out the outcome.
> -abhi

Thanks for responding,
Soumen Dass [Registered Linux User # 272639 - Linux nova 
2.4.22-1.2115.nptl i686]

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