[ILUG-BOM] Fwd: Best non intel Pc configuration available in India

Dinesh Joshi dinesh_pro@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun May 1 23:41:52 IST 2005

>From: sherlock at vsnl.com

>You must be joking. The goods that we produce are actually at least
>6 to 10 yrs obsolete crap....

Ok, fine so we are not technologically that advanced. We really do need to 
concentrate on infrastructure. But dont compare India with Ghana or Yemen. 
We have made some progress after the Brits left. We learn things the hard 
way and we are starting to learn... Though we dont have a strong political 
leadership like China, though our institutions are filled with corruptions, 
though our government is a control freak we still made some waves in the 
global arena. Dude, we always blame everything on our government. Yes, they 
are ******* but we need to think as citizens of this country are we any 
better than these guys? Have we done something to help our country? Just 
sitting on our a$$e$ and cursing our illiterate politicians wont help. We 
need to move our a$$e$ and do something about it. We need to be active 
citizens. We need to make our presence felt. Demand more facilities, more 
infrastructure, better services, remove reservations, make everything based 
on merit.... Nothing is going to happen unless *we* do something about it.


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