[ILUG-BOM] acers latop AD: can we do something ?

Binulal Narayanan kutoos@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon May 9 14:11:42 IST 2005

Erle Pereira wrote:

> Acers Laptop Ad in Times of India (today: 9th May '05), page 15.the 
> "fine print"
> ***
> "the Linux that is loaded is a free version and would have limited 
> functionality until another operating system is installed" 

It is true.  :) as far as functionality is concerned.  The 
factory-loaded Linux is of limited functionality. 
I recently bought an Acer aspire 3002, and it came with Linpus Linux 
(www.linupus.com).  It booted to init 3 only, which will help one only 
to find if the hardware is okay and with  no X server installed.  I 
scrapped it the second day for Suse pro 9.2.  And I don't think Acer is 
gonna disctribute any better Linux distro  with the laptops, though I'd 
really appreciate it.

> ***
> this is really stupid!... can anything be done to educate the acer guys? 

Well, you will get the Acer India number from www.acer.co.in, If you are 
really interested in educating the marketing guys ( and if they ever 
care to listen to :)

> this doesn't make any sense. It is extremely misleading. What "Missing 
> / defunct " functionality are they talking about? I think it will take 
> us very little time to get *fully* functional *free* *Linux* working 
> on that laptop that they can give out. anyone has any contact with acer?
> Free software doest work like proprietary stuff which revels in 
> *limited" functionality.
> Ads like these are _extremely misleading, damaging and do more to 
> confuse people about GNU / FSF than anything else. more M$ fud ? 

How come it's misleading to say that "The distro I give you is of 
limited functionality" !!! I don't think it has something to do with the 
way GNU/FSF and our philosophies work, except that the loaded OS is 
GNU/Linux with limited functionality :)  It's a problem with  Acer's 
Policy not ours, isn't it?


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