[ILUG-BOM] acers latop AD: can we do something ?

Dinesh Joshi dinesh_pro@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon May 9 22:51:35 IST 2005

>From: Erle Pereira <erle at erlepereira.com>

>Acers Laptop Ad in Times of India (today: 9th May '05), page 15.the "fine 
>"the Linux that is loaded is a free version and would have limited 
>functionality until another operating system is installed"

Acer sucks anyway. Don't buy acer. They are cheap chinese goods with "Acer" 

>this is really stupid!... can anything be done to educate the acer guys?
>this doesn't make any sense. It is extremely misleading. What "Missing / 
>defunct " functionality are they talking about? I think it will take us 
>very little time to get *fully* functional *free* *Linux* working on that 
>laptop that they can give out. anyone has any contact with acer?

Fine print and advertising have always "misled" people ;). This time its no 

>Free software doest work like proprietary stuff which revels in *limited" 
>Ads like these are _extremely misleading, damaging and do more to confuse 
>people about GNU / FSF than anything else. more M$ fud ?

With GNU/Linux in it's current state, its not as "fool" proof as M$ Windows. 
So I would expect "fools"...ahem...i mean users to shy away from GNU OSes ;)


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