[ILUG-BOM] Re: MTNL TriBand - unable to browse under Linux

Arun Khan arunkha@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue May 10 10:06:24 IST 2005

On 5/4/05, Arun Khan <arunkha at gmail.com> wrote:
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> When I boot to SuSE  or Ubuntu, or Knoppix 3.6,  I am unable to
> connect to sites on the Internet (POP3, SMTP, HTTP etc.) using
> Konqueror or Firefox.  When I point my browser to mumbai.mtnl.net.in
> or mail.yahoo.com,  the status bar says "Connecting to ...." and
> eventually times out.
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> Any thoughts/suggestions on what could be the problem?

The problem was the DLink modem/router.  After my original post, it
exhibited more symptoms of Alzheimer's disease - it failed to act as a
DNS relay or not transfer all the images from a web site etc.  It
finally RIP on Sunday (no puns intended).

BTW,  I could not get thru any of MTNL's help lines or email support
(no surprise here).  Reporting a trouble on xxxx-2198 (xxxx is your 4
digit exchange no.) was not much use.  I finally went to Khar (w)
exchange and asked to see their local DSL manager.  He was very
cooperative and asked me to bring in the failed unit.  Upon furnishing
it, he got it tested and replaced it within an hour.  If you want
quick resolution on MTNL DSL hw issues do not waste time calling.   It
is best to take the hw to your respective exchange (with a letter
stating the problem).  Most likely they will do a swap within an hour.

Erle and Derwyn thanks for helping me debu


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