[ILUG-BOM] Commercial :-Urgently Reqd Linux Admin at Muscat

deshpande at antispam deshpande@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue May 10 10:46:51 IST 2005

Hello Linuxers

I got an email from my friend Ketan who is in Muscat

Their company urgently needs Linux Admin

Any body intrested pl send your resume


>  How are you all there, this ketan here from muscat.Our company is looking for 
> someone having experience in linux.
>  This is an urgent requirement,pls send your resumes to me at the earliest if 
> any of you are interested or if know someone who has an experience in linux at   > the earliest.
> Do treat this mail as urgent and you can act accordingly.

>  Bye
>  Ketan

Mahesh Deshpande
Tel 09322034838

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