[ILUG-BOM] bad magic number in superblock

Erle Pereira erle@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu May 12 11:50:16 IST 2005

Karia Amit wrote:
> I am trying to open file system through debugfs command and then /open 
> command under it however its giving me 'bad magic number in superblock while opening file system' error how do i go about resolving it   
> please guide as i want to list all deleted files in last 5 days

try one of the backup superblocks that are crated when trying the filesystem

debugfs -s <superbock> <device>

these are common # for backup superblocks in case u have not noted them

32768, 655539, 98304, 131072, 163840, 229376, 294912, 819200

Erle Pereira

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