[ILUG-BOM] acers latop AD: can we do something ?

Dinesh Joshi dinesh_pro@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri May 13 13:14:21 IST 2005

>From: Saswata Banerjee & Associates <scrapo at saswatabanerjee.com>

>Cheap = bad quality is the most stupid statement I have seen in this group 
>for a long time.

Good for you ;) I can't change your opinion about that definition. But thats 
how I generally define "cheap" chinese goods which don't last long. If you 
define it differently then its your choice. I can't stop you ;)

>According to you, any company who makes an effort to bring down the price 
>of their products so that their customers get better value for money and to 
>expand the market is wrong ? They should keep their prices high. Wow !! I 
>would love to have you as my customer. :-)

I wish Acer were doing that. But thats not what they are doing. They lie, 
cheat and don't care about you once they get their hands on your money.

>Incidentally, in case you didnt know, Dell, which you like so much, is 
>considered the cheapest of the american laptop companies. Just that in 
>India, Dell is positioning its products quiet pricy.

Yes, their products are almost 1.5x priced in India. But there are several 
factors which affect price - government policies, taxes etc... Plus the 
parts are not manufactured in India. There are many more factors too which I 
don't want to debate.

>Also, being in ILUG should have tought you that expensive is not better or 
>even good. MS products, windows, office, etc are very expensive. Linus is 
>"Cheap"......but believe me, it is far better than windows.

I never said expensive is better. A Dell is definitely better than an Acer. 
It just happens to be expensive at the same time. BTW it's Linux and not 
Linus ( Linus is the name of the creator of Linux :) ). I too believe that 
*Linux* is far better than Windows thats why I use Linux on all my machines. 
Though, I have to keep windows for compatibility.

>Even Dell is not going to repair your laptop if you give it to them with 
>physical damage. Read your warrenty clause properly. Similarly, what makes 
>you think they are going to replace your LCD screen if you are careless 
>enough to scratch it. In case you didnt realise it, the warrenties are 
>"Against manfacturing defect". It applies to any part of the computer which 
>has got damaged or stopped working or not working properly on account of 
>any fault of the manufacturer. If you leave your laptop in the sun and the 
>LCD melts in the heat, no manufacturer in the world is going to do any 
>thing for you. I suggest you should go for insurance instead.

Dude, before you go around writing such statements please get your facts 
straight. I have paid a pretty penny and I know all the clauses in their 
service agreement and complete cover warranty because *I* have signed them 
;). Just to be sure I called up dell support at 1600 33 80 45 and spoke to 
their cc guy he confirmed that my laptop would be repaired / replaced if I 
were to accidentally:

1. Spill a liquid
2. Drop my laptop
3. Scratch my LCD
4. Keys wear off


The warranty is NOT, I *repeat* NOT, just against manufacturing defects. He 
also confirmed that if my laptop's body were to be damaged it would be 
replaced at no cost. What the warranty doesn't cover is, theft or arson. I 
have a paper here which says just that in black and white.

I guess your Acer laptop doesnt have a comprehensive warranty like this, 
does it? ;)

>Can you quote where in the Acer warrenty it says that they are not covering 
>external parts ? or that they are not covering keyboard ?

Well, before buying my laptop I had enquired around for acers, IBMs, Compaqs 
etc... all of them specifically told me that they DONT cover any external 
parts or scratched LCDs. They only cover the HD, CPU, motherboard, RAM - 
nothing else!

Don't even get me started on the dead pixels and stuff like that. I know 
acer is cheating it's customer and I have made the right choice. If you feel 
that acer is a good brand, so be it. I am not trying to change your opinion 
about Dell or Acer. What I am trying to tell you is that before bashing 
another brand please check out it's products and details, fine prints and 
speak to people who have used it. I am not accusing acer of putting out bad 
products for every customer. If that were true then they wouldn't survive in 
this highly competitive market. But they certainly don't deliver what they 
say ;) That doesn't mean Dell puts out great product per customer! There are 
people who have gotten bad dell products but because of the warranty, they 
don't have such bad opinions about dell.



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