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Sat May 14 10:02:57 IST 2005

On Friday 13 May 2005 21:44, Dinesh Joshi wrote:
> >From: sherlock at vsnl.com
> >
> >Just to clear your ignorance, and inattention to detail Dell's
> >standard warranty does not cover anything other than manufacturing
> >defects. They have a "CompleteCover" warranty for which you pay
> > more. And this warranty is valid only in some countries of
> > Asia.So if u damage your laptop in London you will have to get
> > back to one of these asian countries to get your warranty.
> >
> >But to keep the record straight the cost of the "CompleteCover"
> > will determine wether it is useful to all. Imo a 15% hike in
> > price would be justified.
> >
> >rgds
> >jtd
> Ok, no offense dude 

Worry not. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words dont 
hurt me. Me is very thick skinned ;-).

> but all Dell machines come with a complete 
> cover warranty (except the very high end ones where you get to
> decide what you want). So it's a "standard" Dell warranty for which
> you pay a bit more. You are right about the validity of the
> warranty in Asia. You can get it "upgraded" to an International
> level but for that you have to again pay more. As for me the
> current warranty is good enough.

Actually you will have to compare prices with a similar speced machine 
from whoever. You will be able to determine how much more you are 
paying for  "CompleteCover". 
And by the way Dell is manufactured in China. In fact you will find 
it nearly impossible to get a piece of electronic equipment from any 
place other than China. Which means that they produce quality goods 
too. Most OEM factories produce stuff and sort them into a, b and c 
categories, a for the big brands (IBM, Sony, Matsuchita), b for their 
own brands (sold mostly in US, eur and gulf) and c for the importers 
from India and other third world countries. There is also a d category 
- junk - for consumables (batteries, pencils, inks, etc). We have a 
lot to learn about "cheap", which is mostly about efficiency and a 
little about cutting the right corners. You will find cheap laptop 
clones of IBM, Dell, Compaq etc. The price difference is a good 40 ~ 
50% on the base models. If you buy the upgrades (harddisk, Wlan etc) 
from lamington road the difference grows by another 15%.  Not to 
mention the fact that you are no more dependent on Dell / IBM. You 
are ofcourse taking a chance on the warranty.
I am no fan of the Chinese - I continually pressured to readjust my 
bussiness to maintain margins and keep my customers happy. 
But that is life outside of Paradise.


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