[ILUG-BOM] Resizing partitions

Dinesh Joshi dinesh_pro@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun May 15 12:32:00 IST 2005

>From: Nikhil Marathe <nsm.nikhil at gmail.com>

>I am trying to reduce the size of a partition. In the various guides i read
>they have told to first resize the filesystem then delete and recreate the
>partition with fdisk. But how do I get the resized fs size in sectors and
>won't deleting the partition and recreating it delete the filesystem on it
>and the data with it.(I have a backup)

Try qparted. It comes with knoppix. Its absolutely simple to use. Just 
select the partition to resize and specify the new size. After resizing you 
can create a partition with the new space as usual. This process doesnt 
result in any loss of data. I have played around with XP's partition(NTFS) 
with qparted and till date havent observed any harmful effects :)


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