[ILUG-BOM] Inode Help

deepak shingan deep_ans@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Jun 13 10:48:33 IST 2005

hi all
i hav some questions
i m reading a book on UNIX-kernals by Mouris j. Bach but i m not sure abt these concepts
does kernal uses the inode(internaly) for rename a file? or as inode 
don't hav any field related to name of file..rename does changes in only 
parent directory containt?
does "chmod" command internally opens the file by open function or just 
changes the inode containt without opening the file?
incore inode no and inode no on the disk  are same?

does any file hav more than one incore-inode nos..in any case?
superblock manupulation i.e. allocation of inode nos..buffres to perticular files works always works in Critical Section..?

i know these  questions might b funny n so simple for all u Kernal-gurus...
but i really wants my concepts clear 

thanks and regards 

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