[ILUG-BOM] Help w/ internet on Tata LG LSP-345

Dr. Sharukh K. R. Pavri. lists@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Jun 13 22:14:17 IST 2005

On Fri, 10 Jun 2005, Philip Tellis wrote:

> Sometime Today, DSKRP cobbled together some glyphs to say:
> > --> Re-Sending: ATZ
> > --> Modem not responding.
> this suggests that the modem prolly isn't on that port.

It *is* on ttyS0. changing it to ttyS1 gave some I/O errors.

> > [Modem0]
> > Modem = /dev/ttyS0
> Try changing to /dev/ttyS1 and see what happens.
> do you by any chance have your bios set to deal with a plug and play OS
> and have COM port resources set to Auto?
> I've noticed this before.  The resources of the COM ports change
> automatically at startup time.  Specify static IRQ, and IO ports for
> your COM ports and they should work.

I remember I had been trying (completely unsuccessfully) to run gnokii
with my shiny brand new phone over the IR port and a howto had suggested I
fiddle iwth the irq's in the bios. I just undid the changes and viola ! :).

thanks for the tip.


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