[ILUG-BOM] Ubuntu/Debian/Gentoo and updates: bandwidth?

Paul Alapatt paul.alapatt@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jun 15 01:24:17 IST 2005

> Sometime on Jun 14, PA cobbled together some glyphs to say:
> > But would it not be feasible to use yum-arch and archive all the yum
> > updates on the intranet? Such that this server handles the downloading
> It's the same issue that satya was talking about.  Archiving it the
> first time itself is hard for most companies.  It's better for the guy
> providing the service to archive it to CD and then distribute that CD to
> each of his clients once a month.  These could be RPM or DEB archives...
> doesn't matter.

Thanks, point taken.

Take care,
Paul Alapatt

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