[ILUG-BOM] Distribution Release: Debian GNU/Linux 3.1

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Jun 15 14:42:07 IST 2005

On Wednesday 15 Jun 2005 2:11 pm, Philip Tellis wrote:
> Sometime Today, KG cobbled together some glyphs to say:
> > On Tuesday 14 Jun 2005 3:53 pm, Nirav Doshi wrote:
> >  Catch me online on MSN (doshinirav at msn.com)
> yuck - arent there FOSS equivalents?
> Aren't you confusing open source software with open protocols?
> (At least one version of) The MSN messenger protocol is a published
> RFC.

no idea - just thought that there were a lot of #linuxxyz chat rooms 
around on things like freenode which would be more appropriate places 
to hang out on than MSN where one could discuss FOSS related stuff. 
For all i know freenode and dalnet run on windoze?

tally ho! http://avsap.org.in
ಇಂಡ್ಲಿನಕ್ಸ வாழ்க!

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