[ILUG-BOM] Hardware/Bios Issue: AGP Card causes memory test to hang

Abhishek Daga abhishekdaga@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Jun 19 10:15:44 IST 2005

Ok, so maybe not the best forum, but I have seen hardware related queries, so
following the precedent. Hoping someone can help me out.

motherboard: Asus ASUS A7266-MX-UAYZ with onboard Video/Lan/Sound and AGP slot.
Processor: ATHLON xp 2100+
Video Card: VideoGF FX 5200 256 MB AGP card.
Memory: 2 Dimms of 512 MB Each (different companies) but 400 Mhz totaling 1024

The AGP Card causes the system to hang when it reaches the memory test stage.
If I keep pressing "del", I can get into the bios.
If I keep pressing ESC, I can get it to skip the memory test and the system comes
If I fail to do the above, the keyboard is rendered lifeless and I have to hard

Without the AGP Card it works fine and the memory test takes place and system
comes up OK.

Any clues? Is it in the BIOS?

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