[ILUG-BOM] KDE upgrade issue

Puneet Lakhina puneet.lakhina@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Jun 18 04:11:19 IST 2005

im trying to install kde 3.4 on fedora core1 system which is currently
running kde 3.1
I downloaded the three required packages arts, kdebase and kdelibs.
I installed arts first and then kdelibs and they got installed without
any errors. But after that when i tried to install the kdebase package
the configure script gave an error that kdelibs must be installed
Do i need to do something regarding the old kde or wat??I ran the
configure script of arts and kdelibs with no options except  
option which is the path to the version of qt i wana use.. WHat coudl
be the problem???

Please reply quickly,

P>S> I did all this coz umbrello(UML designer) needed a beeter version
of qt than i had and then after i installed qt in umbrello  i got an
error that kde must be compiled with this new version of kde hence i
downloaded the new version of kde. IF you can suggest any other UML
designer that would be really helpful.!!

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