[ILUG-BOM] image merging tool in linux

Rony Bill ronbillypop@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Nov 19 20:59:22 IST 2005

हष॑ल (Harshal) wrote:
  i have a very big print which i have scanned into
> pieces (scanner size was not sufficient to scan at one go). i tried 
> google, but no luck. tried gimp but it will have to do it manually i
>  guess. but manually merging them border to border is not possible 
> (due to insufficient RAM- even 2Gb is not enough, it stalls for some 
> time even for a small movement of any image).

Use jpg format and from your other reply it appears that you are using
the same. However jpegs of low compression levels or 90% quality are
still high in memory space. First compress your jpeg to 30% quality.
This drastically reduces space usage but its lower quality is hardly
noticable to the eye and your pixel resolution will still be the same. I
regularly do this to send high resolution images 1024 x 768 by email. 
However I
don't know how its done in linux. I use the 'other' ;) os using 'irfan
view'.  In your linux software look for the 'save as' option, select jpg
as your output file format and if a slider is provided, slide it
down to the low quality level.

> so it would be nice, simply to feed these images to a software and 
> let it take whatever time to do the job. the similar software is 
> present in many digital cameras, to be used to make panorama images.

A split image in a camera is mapped during its capture itself, so in
your case of post capture, you will need some mapping software that
marks the positions and then creates the full image as per the map.
Use a small view level so that you find it easy to merge smaller squares
or rectangles and that should reduce the strain on your video processing.



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