[ILUG-BOM] Terminal and Sudo

(रेवंत) Revan @antispam (रेवंत) Revan @[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Dec 12 00:40:33 IST 2005

On 12/11/05, Rony Bill <ronbillypop at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Thanks. I tried this but it gives bhai root access without typing the
> command sudo. Eg. Bhai was able to vi /etc/passwd without sudo. This is
> too risky. At least he must have to use sudo. After removing the line,
> if bhai gives sudo vi /etc/passwd then a password is asked. Root passwd
> does not work. Should I create a passwd for sudo as if it is a user?
> In the above case, how different is the user bhai's full access to the
> system different from a root login's access? Where is sudo's safety
> factor? This is getting interesting. :)

what do you want to do with sudo?

remove the bhai line then, I added it myself to make a user access commands
without password.

I pasted Mysudofile+bhai line

sudo gives you privileges like su -c "command"

in su -c, you have to type in the root password
in sudo, you are checked in by sudoers file, if you exist in that file you
can access what the file gives you to access by typing your own password and
not the root password.

I tried bhai line on my computer, it only gives "bhai" read-only access to


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