[ILUG-BOM] New to Linux

Wed Dec 14 14:07:21 IST 2005

On Wednesday 14 December 2005 12:43, Pillai, Gishu R (GE Infra, 
Energy) wrote:
> MTNL has opened a floodlit freeway. I'm on it.. never looked back
> yet. There are some days when you feel like Duke Nukem talking to
> the tech-aliens (may I add very patient and polite aliens at that)
> at the other end of the CC line.. but things clear out soon. Gishu

We missed the bus building physical roads. The political excuse was 
lack of capital. If we miss the 2nd chance of building information 
roads (whose capital cost is negligible and highily distributed), we 
could be where sub saharan africa is today.
The powers that be and the masses tend to view the net as some sort of 
elitist time pass. Just providing ADSL connectivity to all could 
change the face of India (schools and colleges connecting to IIT 
distance programs, rural docs getting medical opinions etc.).
India is one massive producing and consuming market which cannot find 
each other due to lack of infrastructure. If only Mr. Maran 
understands that he is standing on the worlds biggest goldmine....


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