[ILUG-BOM] Multiple errors ? hardware related

spavri at antispam spavri@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Dec 16 10:57:42 IST 2005


Sorry for the somewhat vague subject. also sorry for the rotten 
formatting, I am using webmail just now.

I have a new (as in a couple of months old) machine. The specs 
are: 2.4 G
P4, i845 integrated graphics card, 512 ram, 500 mb swap, 80G hdd, 
15 inch Sony tft
monitor. I have FC4 and Kubuntu 5.10 on the machine.

The problem I face is that every once in a while, the X server 
crashes. In
FC4 I am back at the graphical login prompt. In kubuntu I just 
lose the
display completely and I have to shutdown. This can happen as 
as once evry 5 or 10 minutes :(

Sometimes I get kernel panic messages when the Xserver crashes.

Another thing is that in FC4, both Firefox (upgraded to 1.0.7 from 
updates) and Opera crash very frequently. Also Gkrellm crashes 

I goolged for Xsever crashes w/ i845 on google. It seems to be an 
problem (end 2004). The solution was to recompile the kernel to 
the i915 driver, but it is already in the kernel and is seen as 
found in Xorg.log.

free shows 0 swap though the entries in /etc/fstab are correct. On 
bootup it does show as enabling swap.

I am at my wits' end, the hardware chappie as usual is no help. 
I've run
memtest but with no errors coming up.

I can provide any more info as required.



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