[ILUG-BOM] Tata indicom wi-fi service - does it work on Linux?

Rony Bill ronbillypop@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Dec 17 20:53:36 IST 2005

TAC Forums wrote:

> I'm hearing about Tata Indicom's new Wi-Fi service. They provide a
> PCMCIA Wi-Fi CDMA card that allows you to make calls and be connected
> to the Internet 24x7 from anywhere.

Is this the same Sierra card that is provided by Reliance too? I did not 
know it was a Wi-Fi network card. In one IBM laptop that has an RIL 
card, I tried out the Ubuntu 5.10 live CD. It created an active network 
icon in the task bar and it had already sent and received about 300 
kbytes. We got scared that it might jeapordise his security so we 
rebooted back to his installed OS. However, the device was called 'lo' 
whatever that means. So I guess linux must be supporting this card. 
There is no wireless lan in his vicinity so that device must have been 
that card. Only support required would be the ppp software.

Try out the Ubuntu 5.10 live CD (December issue of LFY) and try setting 
up your card on that.



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