[ILUG-BOM] WOW! ILUG Meet!...I'll ...

Roshan d_rosh2001@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Feb 21 19:24:29 IST 2006

  (completing the subject line)
  I'll...try my best to attend all future meets of ILUG!...I was really impressed with the content discussed in the meet....and I know what I have really missed out in the previous meetings....
  Firstly, Thanks to Meena Madam!...I thought DTP related work was native to application in windows...but LateX proves it wrong!
  Thanks  (can't recall the name) for info on Redhat Certifications
  Some points that I can recall...told by Dr. Nagarjuna 
  "LateX has been a bug free software for the past 20 years..(hope I got the number right)..."
  That's really great!...
  and EMACS..makes it really simple to use LateX!....

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