[ILUG-BOM] WOW! ILUG Meet!...I'll ...

Roshan d_rosh2001@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Feb 21 22:30:08 IST 2006

> -> Agenda : Talk on Qt/KDE development
  During the ILUG meet, Mr. Shanker, suggested that we have a discussion on Desktop Enivronments!
  The one that I am suggesting might not be among favourites....
  1) Migrating from Windows to GNU/Linux
  (Can be presented over multiple sessions)
  Every ILUG meet could have say 2 websites that tell something about GNU/Linux
  (may be that's a form of advertising...but its definitely helping us to reach many!)
  I do have a list of them, but I'll have to make a file for that..(its in bookmarks)
  >BTW, please configure your mail client to wrap long lines at around 
>72-76 characters
  I dont use any mail client. I directly log on to yahoo mail and write emails.
  I have kept the default settings which limit the composing window width to 72
  characters. If there is something else that I should do to avoid such problems 
  in my future emails to the list, kindly let me know.

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