[ILUG-BOM] Device Drivers for the Linux Desktop

Venkatesh Hariharan venkyh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Feb 22 11:38:33 IST 2006

Am forwarding a mail that members of this GLUG may find useful.


In recent times the desktop is the focus for GNU/Linux Operating
systems. This includes making the desktop experience 'just-work'. To
make that happen, a large number of peripheral devices need to be
enabled namely, printers (laser jets, dot matrix), scanners, web
cameras, modems, biometric devices, smart cards and the like.

https://sourceforge.net/projects/oss-drivers/ is a Red Hat initiated
(and Red Hat sponsored) project which intends to be a repository of Open
Source Drivers for peripheral devices which are popularly used with a
modern desktop Linux Operating System.

The project has started off with a small subset of peripheral devices
but it requires more input in terms of which devices are important for
the desktop experience. Details for the devices includes
make/model/manufacturer name (and perhaps if a website URL is available)

To put across the device requests, one might use the
oss-drivers-devicerequests at lists.sourceforge.net mailing list or the
forums (https://sourceforge.net/forum/?group_id=157095) or even the
Feature Request Tracker
(https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=157095). If all of the
methods fail then drop a mail to sankarshanm at users.sourceforge.net with
[Device Request] in the subject line.

The files for this project would be released under GPL (or compliant

We also welcome developers who would like to contribute, test out,
report bugs and sort of get into the thick of things.

sankarshanm at users.sourceforge.net

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