[ILUG-BOM] Display name in devnagari

Vihang Dudhalkar vihang007@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Feb 23 10:23:59 IST 2006

On 2/22/06, Ninad Bapat <freeninad at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> Do I need to install any fonts or any other software to type my name

No you dont have to......
Go to http://www-atm.physics.ox.ac.uk/user/iwi/charmap.html
>From List select devnagri and create your name in marathi , then you
can copy paste it in display name in gmail settings!


Version: 3.1
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r-- b+ Y+ G+++
decode with www.ebb.org/ungeek

"Neatness is about making it easy to read code *quickly*.  The pattern
 recognizer in your brain doesn't work as well on a jumbled mess."

	- H. Peter Anvin

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