[ILUG-BOM] Differential backups with tar.

Nadeem M. Khan nadeem.m.khan@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Feb 23 12:56:11 IST 2006


I've been trying to get differential backups with tar. I've got it
working nice and fine except for one problem. If a file is modified
after the last full backup, it gets included in my differential backup,
as it should. But my differential backup also includes directories that
have not been modified since the last full backup. These directories get
included as empty directories. The files in them (rightly) do not get
included in the differential. 

To create a full backup I do:

tar cvf /backups/full.tar /home

To create a differential, I use the timestamp of the full backup archive
as a reference:

tar cvf /backups/diff.tar --newer="`date -r /backups/full.tar`" /home

Works well, except for the directory inclusion part. Am I missing


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