[ILUG-BOM] big indian banks dont allow firefox

Harshal p.harshal@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Feb 23 21:22:46 IST 2006

sorry guys, i know this had been discussed earlier, but cant seems to
find in archive.

i wanted to know where to blacklist sites those openly do not support Firefox.
the one recently launched by an indian bank (IDBI) for online share trading,


gives out this ridiculous message when viewed in FireFox,

This site can be viewed only using
Microsoft Internet Explorer ver. 5.x

and there is one more web site by another big indian bank, icici,
their general insurance site,


though they are not as arrogant as idbi, but the pages above simply
dont load in firefox.

any ideas how to make sure they hear us? writing to web master, i dont
have many hopes, unless they are pressured from above (sometimes i
wonder, how these web masters get jobs, i mean, should it be the first
thing on his mind to use a standard HTML so that is can be viewed from
any browser?)

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