[ILUG-BOM] big indian banks dont allow firefox

Harshal p.harshal@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Feb 24 01:07:16 IST 2006

On 2/24/06, Puneet Lakhina <puneet.lakhina at gmail.com> wrote:
> > i wanted to know where to blacklist sites those openly do not support
> > Firefox.
> I think as far as blacklisting on ilug wikis is concerned.. that wont serve
> much purpose.. and will only be a way for you to vent your frustration.
> any ideas how to make sure they hear us?

i agree with you. those people dont care if we blacklist them or not.
my anger is against those web designers not with banks in particular.
they (banks) want to implement something, and web designer/IT manager
decides, i guess this is how it works. and lack of awareness about GNU
makes things worse, as many times top management doesnt even know
about GNU alternatives and are left with the mercy of their IT staff,
who are nothing but bunch of 70%+, first class throught scoring book

> This is the important issue.. So if anybody has had any success please tell
> us.. I wrote to centurion bank about their IE specific Internet Banking site
> and no reply... Does snail mail work better for issues like these??

its not the matter of snail mail or email. i guess the problem lies
with their IT staff, who are just i mentioned earlier, book worms, new
age clerks. they dont think beyond what was 'taught' to them. at least
in banks case we can put the security issue involved with IE (i know
they are there with firefox too, but this is my personal opinion that
firefox has an edge over security, due to its open source nature), but
what if same happens with other industry?

what points do we have to make our case strong? userbase, at least in
india is certainly below 10% for firefox. how to tell them that web
pages should be made as per standards?

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