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Roshan d_rosh2001@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Feb 24 19:19:31 IST 2006

>i didnt say open source model of business is a failure. i said, if
>tomorrow if the bad time comes, there will be some who will stick to
>their low paying job and their will be others who still in love with
>open source, but will choose a better paying job. and we need both
>kind of people. the earlier one will keep the momentum going in the
>bad times, and some from the later ones will emerge to support open
>source on financial terms. a successful invention has to be
>sustainable in technological as well as economical terms, to be
>adapted by the society as whole. we not just talking about some geeks

  I suppose this is one important 'unbiased' answer to the question.
  It is only power that would drive a computer and hence.....if there was no power no other components would function...even though the components are equally significant!

If you don't know something, its always better to learn it and then experiment with components!


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