[ILUG-BOM] Minutes: Feb 2006 GLUG meet at HBCSE

Rony Bill ronbillypop@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Feb 25 20:56:08 IST 2006

Arun K. Khan wrote:

> Rony, you would have to avoid all _public_
> meetings/conferences/summits etc., not just Linux meets.  In all such
> events that I have attended (I am sure others will agree) pictures
> are taken of those on the stage as well as in the audience - without
> exception.

Yes Arun, but the audience is not identified individually or named from
left to right. We are an open list that can be accessed even by
outsiders. So it is even more important that individual identities are
guarded and we concentrate on making members more relaxed about getting
together, instead of having the sword of public pictures hanging over
their heads. It should be a matter of choice and this choice should be
respected by all.



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