[ILUG-BOM] Minutes: Feb 2006 GLUG meet at HBCSE

Philip Tellis philip.tellis@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Feb 25 22:04:24 IST 2006

Sometime Today, RB cobbled together some glyphs to say:

> left to right. We are an open list that can be accessed even by
> outsiders. So it is even more important that individual identities are

Yeah, you already write with your real name, so what's the big deal.  If 
you really want anonymity, then use a pseudonym, connect via an 
anonymising proxy, and don't attend meets.

I was actually anonymous in my first lug meet.  People knew I was there 
because I'd signed the attendance, they just didn't know who I was. 
That was a fateful day in Jan 2000.


I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the demigodic party.
 		-- Dennis Ritchie

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