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Siddhesh Poyarekar siddhesh.poyarekar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Feb 25 23:42:23 IST 2006

On 2/25/06, Dinesh Joshi <dinesh.a.joshi at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Friday 24 February 2006 12:42, Rony Bill wrote:
> > Computers was my hobby and I learnt about windows related stuff on my
> > own, to the extent that those who taught me how to startup and shut
> > down a pc and hold a mouse, now take technical advice from me.
> *snip*
> Heh. Same here :)


My first touch of a computer was just 5 years ago -- never even held a
mouse, keyboard ever before that. It started off as a game console for
me, simply playing Half-Life, Allan Borders Cricket, etc all day long.
Then somehow I got into trying to tweak some aspects of the OS
(Windoze) to get some game to work or trying to solve some of the
innumerable crashes that Windoze 98 inherently brings in,
installing/reinstalling the OS, etc. And I learned as I went on.

After that I have never really looked back -- kept learning about
computers the hard way i.e. by trying stuff out instead of simply
reading books.

I've thought of many professions that would not involve programming or
would only be restricted to concept development. But each time I
realized that the one thing I always enjoyed was sitting up nights to
try something for the first time, like the time I first tried Debian
(my first ever distro, a little over 3 years back, still hooked on ;-)
) I stayed up 5 nights in a row, reinstalling again and again, each
time learning something new about this strange, new, somewhat cool


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