[ILUG-BOM] Overquoting and me toos - please stop

Philip Tellis philip.tellis@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Feb 26 13:50:13 IST 2006

People, when replying to mails, please take a little time to make your 
fellow luggers' lives a little less difficult.  Refrain from overquoting 
and sending me-too mails.

Overquoting happens when you include a very large number of lines from 
the original mail just to include one or two lines of your own at the 
bottom.  Your lines will almost certainly get lost.  It's better to 
delete everything that is irrelevant to your reply, including old 
signatures and headers.

Me-too mails happen when you reply to a reply for the sole purpose of 
saying 'me-too'.  Do this only in the case of a poll, and not in any 
other case.  If you do it, make sure you do not overquote.

Standard rules of top-posting, upside down quoting, and long lines also 
apply.  If you're not sure what they mean, search the net.



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