[ILUG-BOM] [ot][hardware] making redundant connections between switches and a router

Abhishek Daga abhishekdaga@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Feb 26 22:49:51 IST 2006

Hi folks, 
I did attempt a google for this but did not know what search term would
actually pull up a meaningful result for this.

a) SMC wireless dsl router (3 port)
b) three 8 port switches, (dlink, dax, smc) 

4 ports in each are used to connect to various PCs.
1 port used up to connect to the wireless router.

I have had issues with routers where frequent reseting is required.
So to prevent the entire internal network going down because of a bad
router, I decided to make the connections redundant.

So connected Port 6 of dlink to port 6 of Dax.
             Port 7 of dlink to port 6 of smc.
             Port 7 of dax to port 7 of smc 
with the assumption that even if the router fails, i'l have
uninterrupted access.

But this was not to be. Things got messed up, despite enabled
connections, machines would not ping each other or the router.

Then finally removed the links from Switch 1 and 2 to the router and
also the connection from dax to smc and it started working fine.

So what got messed up in the above setup? I am thinking its something
to do with conflicts but not convinced as to why there would be a

Can anyone throw some light on this?



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