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Tue Mar 7 09:54:13 IST 2006

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Philip Tellis wrote:

> Writing drivers requires one to know how the hardware works.  You cannot
> just guess how it works and write a driver for it.  Most hardware
> vendors refuse to provide details on how their hardware works and will
> not let anyone write an opensource driver for it.  The problem is not
> lack of APIs, it's lack of willing vendors.

Would agree with Philip on this. The reason provided by most Hardware
Vendors is lack of business case. Which is partially true if one takes a
look at the desktop front. One of the probable reasons that a large
number of hardware (on the desktop) tends to just work is because
vendors like Intel, AMD are actively contributing/reviewing code to make
things work.

The difficult part lies in:

o Getting Indian Hardware Vendors to see the benefits of opening up
hardware/firmware internals
o Getting Hardware infrastructure in place to test them out

Simply put if you don't have the hardware it is nearly impossible to
start creating drivers.


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