[ILUG-BOM] Re: [OT] Triband parallel phone woes

Rajesh Rajani rajeshr@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Mar 10 12:21:00 IST 2006

Hi Rony,

> This gives me an idea that instead of rewiring the lines through the
> splitter, if we could add extra splitters at every phone point, then
> this should do the same job. Are these splitters available seperately or
> do they come with the modem only? Another option would be to copy the
> filter circuit. As I have only one working set, I don't have the heart
> to open it and tinker around but my guess is that it is a simple
> capacitor and inductor circuit. A series low impedence inductor with the
> phone output will allow low frequencey phone signals to pass and offer
> high resistance to the high freq. adsl signals. A low capacitance series
> capacitor with the adsl output will allow high freq. adsl sigs. but
> block the low freq. phone signals.
> So if we can get the value of the series inductance for the phone
> output, we can buy it from the market and connect it in series with all
> the parallel phones and thus avoid rewiring. JTD and some others have
> dabbled with the adsl so they could give some tips. :)

Check out this link for a filter circuit, it may be of some help. 


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