[ILUG-BOM] RHCE papers leaking..

Mrugesh Karnik mrugeshkarnik@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed May 3 22:01:36 IST 2006


I am a member of a certain Yahoo Group called LinuxVadapav. 
(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LinuxVadapav/). Yesterday (or maybe the 
day before), one of the members posted the entire RHCE examination 
paper to the group. Take a look at this:


This kind of activity is very damaging. This is not just an issue of 
someone posting the paper on the internet, but I know of 'institutes' 
where students are given the paper to study before they give the exam.

This degrades the value of the certificate and should be stopped. I hope 
people on this list take notice of this.

I wonder if any Red Hat people are around.

Mrugesh Karnik
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