[ILUG-BOM] [OT] Unlimited broadband

Antriksh Bajaj antriksh01@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed May 3 19:59:17 IST 2006




>Anyway, the reason for this post is that I see many people using MTNL 

>Triband connections. I was wondering if they could give me some heads 

>Up on the quality of Triband. I have heard that their upside is that 

>They good speeds & uptime but their down side is pathetic customer 

>Care. Is that correct? On a 256K connection do you guys get constant 

>30-32KBps speeds or do they drop? 


I am getting consistent speeds of 28-30 KB/S and the uptime is also good.

As far as CC is concerned they have improved it a lot but anyway if you want
to get your work done 

Then get hold of SDE Broadband's contact number at your local exchange, he
will be of better help then CC guys.


>What say you guys? Any good / bad experiences? Tips? Please let me know. 


No bad experiences yet but I had once messed up with the D-Link 502T ADSL
Router's firmware and MTNL replaced the router without any problems within a




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