[ILUG-BOM] [OT] Hosting a Web server with MTNL Triband connection

Arun K. Khan knura@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu May 4 14:23:40 IST 2006

On Wed, 2006-05-03 at 20:16 +0530, Antriksh Bajaj wrote:

> But when I try to access the index page with the actual IP address (59.176.x
> x) it shows up the Router's configuration page but not the index page.

Very bad practice - unless you want any Tom, Dick or Jane on the
Internet to be able to configure your router without your knowing.
Strongly suggest turn off http and telnet access to the router on the
WAN port and *change* the administrator's password.

> I have also tried doing the Port Forwarding or setting up a Virtual Server
> for port no. 80 but still it doesn't works.

Hmmm.  DMZ and Virtual server work fine on my unit.  I have got a VoIP
box (in my LAN) defined as a Virtual server (port 5060) and I am able to
receive inbound calls.  Keep in mind, you need to define the web server
IP# as a LAN client and then use that definition on the Virtual Server
page (start port 80 end port 80 TCP).  

Alternately, set up the web host IP# as DMZ and your box should be
visible on the Internet.  The downside - all other services running on
this box will also be visible.  Use this option only if you have
"hardened" the default install.

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