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Dinesh Joshi dinesh.a.joshi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri May 5 01:16:30 IST 2006

On Friday 05 May 2006 00:54, Siddhesh Poyarekar wrote:
> Not true. I understand you're probably saying this from some articles
> posted on the internet. The truth is that if you delete the
> sifyconnect.log, readfifo and writefifo files from /tmp/ you can run
> as any regular user. The first run of sifyd as any regular user will
> recreate the files with appropriate permissions and you're done.

Well so you do agree that their original dialer requires to be modified 
if it has to be run as a regular user?

> The CTO "maintenance fees" are their bread and butter. That is all
> the money that they get. The tarriff charges all go to sify and they
> don't give a penny to the CTOs.

How do you know that? are you aware of the terms of contract between 
them and Sify? I dont think the CTOs will get themselves in such a bad 
deal. I mean Reliance franchisees don't charge a cent extra and neither 
to 7star so why should sify?

> I won't comment on that. Again, in all my 3 years with Sify I have
> never experienced any such problem.

You're one of the lucky ones.

> And yeah, I don't work for Sify ;-)

How can I be sure of that? :P

Dinesh A. Joshi

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